Create New Temp Mail

You can create a new Temp mail for free, and if you wish, you can view the incoming mails for the temp mail you created before.

All you need to do is click on the Generate Temp Mail button!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Real Temp Mail is entirely free of charge. Additionally, you can check and use the temporary emails you create later on. Temporary email addresses can be very helpful when registering on websites where you don't want to share your personal email information!

  • Due to the creation of random and unique email addresses, the likelihood of others accessing your emails is very low. Therefore, we can say that it is secure. However, we recommend avoiding the use of temporary emails for sites containing highly important or financial information.

  • Currently, there are no restrictions on users. You can use Real Temp Mail as much as you want, create as many emails as you need, and receive as many emails to those addresses as you like. This allows users to freely utilize the service.