Kindly review the Terms thoroughly to understand the service scope of the website and the terms covered by the service. Real Temp Mail provides all its services within the framework of specific terms, clearly outlined. The boundaries of user rights and site responsibilities are distinct. Abusing Real Temp Mail's services or using them for entirely different illegal purposes is strictly against the terms. Legal proceedings will be initiated if such actions occur. By logging into the website and using the basic services offered, you are considered to have accepted all the terms below. This site with the URL https://realtempmail.com has the right to change the terms and privacy policies at any time without justification. If some or all of the terms below are unsuitable for you, you may choose not to receive services from the site.

   All rights of this website, with the URL https://realtempmail.com, are reserved solely by https://realtempmail.com.

Terms of Mail Service

   This service system prohibits overuse and malicious use of the service. It is forbidden to communicate about criminal acts via the anonymous mail service. In line with the decisions of the federal government, technical information about the user who shares anonymous mail is shared with the government.

   https://realtempmail.com users acknowledge that the emails they send do not have one of the following email themes:

  1. Frequently sent mails that contain spam or create spam (in other words, unsolicited commercial email)
  2. Illegal, harassing, or sexual assault mails containing insults, threats, or blackmail
  3. Malicious emails that send viruses or other malware to other users' computers
  4. Mails aiming to damage the intellectual property or material assets of anyone, and to have a negative effect on the personal property rights of the other person.
  5. Mails that do not comply with any of the other terms of service

   https://realtempmail.com does not take any responsibility for the content of the mail users send to others. If users send emails with the above content, https://realtempmail.com has the right to block these users' access to the site by canceling their licenses.

Right of Real Temp Mail

   Without any additional warranty, https://realtempmail.com has the right to do the following.

i.) If there is any content in the mail that contradicts the basic policies of https://realtempmail.com or may damage https://realtempmail.com, the system reserves the right to remove this content from the mail.

ii.) Without showing any reason, https://realtempmail.com may apply technical action to block the access of any user or IP address to the site services. This process is done especially against violations regarding the privacy policy or terms of services.

iii.) https://realtempmail.com does not accept any responsibility for the content of the e-mails sent to you by anonymous mail or by sending an anonymous mail. Therefore, https://realtempmail.com accepts no responsibility for any negative financial and psychological damages that the person may experience by using this service.

   When you send mail using https://realtempmail.com, you also ensure that the mail you send has the following features. If the mail you send does not have the following features, https://realtempmail.com can call its right through legal means. Sharing any mail content that would damage the reputation of https://realtempmail.com may result in the removal of the content and subsequent legal action against the user. When the user sends the following types of mail through the system, it is deemed to have accepted the initiation of